It’s a small world

Or so it would seem that it’s a small world. At times my sense of place seems completely separate from everything and everyone else. Then I feel that everything is connected.

This usually happens when I see people. Have you ever noticed how everyone looks like someone else? Is that how we deal with our own reality? By associating everything we see in context to everything we already know?

Minneapolis - 10.26.06
In that way the world does seem small. I see people all the time and get that “How do I know that person?” feeling. It happened 2 times last night while I was enjoying sushi with some friends (sidetrack – I love love sushi – I have to put that in for good measure).

I know Minneapolis is a fairly small town when you think about it. I always run into the same strangers. Does that still make them strangers?


One thought on “It’s a small world

  1. Pip says: (10:06:00 AM)
    mornin’ seeing

    Seeing says: (10:06:10 AM)
    hiya pip!

    Seeing says: (10:06:16 AM)
    like your posts

    Pip says: (10:06:17 AM)
    sushi was a blast last night

    Pip says: (10:06:22 AM)
    oh good!

    Seeing says: (10:06:22 AM)
    oh good!

    Pip says: (10:06:26 AM)

    Seeing says: (10:06:29 AM)
    did you have the bass?

    Seeing says: (10:06:34 AM)

    Pip says: (10:06:45 AM)
    no, pretty much everything else though

    Seeing says: (10:06:57 AM)

    Pip says: (10:07:01 AM)
    had a blast and am a little hung over from the sake

    Seeing says: (10:07:06 AM)

    Seeing says: (10:07:10 AM)
    it’ll do it

    Seeing says: (10:07:17 AM)
    i thinnk the sushi helps tho

    Pip says: (10:07:24 AM)
    but that’s ok. since i don’t have any work to do all week, i’m going to catch up on entourage season 3 on the plane

    Pip says: (10:07:26 AM)
    i can’t wait!

    Seeing says: (10:07:27 AM)
    it’d prob be much worse

    Pip says: (10:07:40 AM)
    yeah, the sushi is the solution to all my problems. i’m convinced

    Seeing says: (10:07:41 AM)
    heave headphones?

    Seeing says: (10:07:45 AM)

    Pip says: (10:07:52 AM)
    i think i smell a post….sushi is the solution to all my problems….

    Pip says: (10:07:55 AM)

    Seeing says: (10:07:56 AM)
    sushi=miracle food

    Seeing says: (10:08:08 AM)

    Pip says: (10:08:13 AM)

    Seeing says: (10:08:26 AM)
    put somethibng on seeing –i’m sick of myself

    Pip says: (10:08:28 AM)
    another new post

    Pip says: (10:08:44 AM)
    i will. have a few ideas. i’m going to try to blog for the next couple of hours before i have to leave

    Seeing says: (10:08:45 AM)
    well done!

    Seeing says: (10:09:02 AM)

    Seeing says: (10:09:57 AM)
    someone commented on my youtube video of catwoman

    Pip says: (10:10:27 AM)
    send me the link

    Seeing says: (10:10:45 AM)

    Seeing says: (10:11:09 AM)
    catwoman swings

    Pip says: (10:11:13 AM)
    Pip says: (10:11:27 AM)

    Pip says: (10:11:41 AM)
    the truck has superman hanging from the mirror

    Seeing says: (10:11:51 AM)
    you are so smart

    Seeing says: (10:11:56 AM)
    i love that about you

    Pip says: (10:12:05 AM)
    and we saw another truck in the bowling parking lot with kenny from south park

    Seeing says: (10:13:55 AM)
    you better post from seattle–especially seeing

    Seeing says: (10:14:01 AM)
    you’ll be seeing alot

    Pip says: (10:14:01 AM)

    Pip says: (10:14:07 AM)
    i know. i’m very excited

    Seeing says: (10:14:17 AM)
    don’t forget the alley of pikes

    Pip says: (10:14:23 AM)

    Pip says: (10:14:48 AM)
    for being hung over, i think i’m having an excellent hairday

    Seeing says: (10:14:54 AM)
    the new baseball stadium is awesome

    Seeing says: (10:15:00 AM)

    Seeing says: (10:15:08 AM)
    good hair days

    Pip says: (10:15:17 AM)
    see for yourself…

    Kate says: (10:15:32 AM)

    Seeing says: (10:15:44 AM)

    Seeing says: (10:15:47 AM)

    Pip says: (10:15:58 AM)
    i was LOL’ing when i took it

    Pip says: (10:16:04 AM)
    hahah. “LOL’ing” lurve it

    Seeing says: (10:16:17 AM)
    we crack ourselves u[p

    Seeing says: (10:16:20 AM)

    Pip says: (10:16:26 AM)
    Seeing says: (10:17:13 AM)
    it’s quiet here–i’m listening to hot chip

    Pip says: (10:17:36 AM)
    over and over and over…like a monkey with a minature cymbol!

    Pip says: (10:17:42 AM)
    i love love love hot chip

    Seeing says: (10:17:53 AM)
    thanks again for turning me on to them

    Seeing says: (10:18:01 AM)
    my fave this year

    Pip says: (10:18:01 AM)
    oh yeah. anytime

    Pip says: (10:18:13 AM)
    i’ve got some other tricks up my sleeve that i need to share with you too

    Pip says: (10:18:28 AM)
    at some point i’ll get around to it. when i start using my home computer more

    Seeing says: (10:18:32 AM)
    the first song on the album reminds me of 999

    Seeing says: (10:18:43 AM)
    this AWESOME band from the 80’s

    Seeing says: (10:18:48 AM)
    punk-new wave

    Pip says: (10:19:00 AM)
    hmmm..don’t know them but i guess i will have to now

    Seeing says: (10:19:23 AM)
    i have the album—as soon as i ge my turntable hooked up…

    Seeing says: (10:19:34 AM)
    i have searched for it on cd forever–can’t find it

    Seeing says: (10:19:48 AM)
    check itunes?

    Seeing says: (10:20:30 AM)
    it’s obscure

    Seeing says: (10:20:50 AM)

    Seeing says: (10:20:53 AM)
    i found it!

    Seeing says: (10:20:58 AM)

    Pip says: (10:21:06 AM)

    Seeing says: (10:21:16 AM)
    FUCK i love that song!

    Pip says: (10:21:42 AM)

    Seeing says: (10:22:20 AM)
    happy day!

    Pip says: (10:22:44 AM)

    Pip says: (10:22:54 AM)
    ok i’m going to post a rambling post on seeing in a sec

    Seeing says: (10:23:00 AM)
    k–have fun

    Pip says: (10:23:12 AM)
    actually i’ve been typing it as we’ve been chatting

    Pip says: (10:23:15 AM)
    it’s almost done

    Seeing says: (10:23:22 AM)
    hahaha-you multi-tasker you

    Pip says: (10:23:33 AM)
    you’ll see that it’s sorta jumbled

    Seeing says: (10:23:48 AM)
    and mines not?

    Pip says: (10:28:25 AM)

    Pip says: (10:28:35 AM)
    check it out:

    Pip says: (10:28:40 AM)
    sorry, i was uploading a photo

    Seeing says: (10:29:38 AM)
    perfect pip—perfect

    Pip says: (10:30:05 AM)
    doncha love the last part about strangers? i do. it was very impulsive of me. but it felt perfect

    Seeing says: (10:30:18 AM)
    it’s so right

    Seeing says: (10:30:57 AM)
    sometimes strangers are less strangers to me than people i’ve know for a long time

    Pip says: (10:31:06 AM)
    very true

    Seeing says: (10:31:22 AM)
    i’ll definately comment

    Pip says: (10:31:29 AM)

    Kate says: (10:31:41 AM)
    theres lots of viewers on this site–that read and don’t comment

    Pip says: (10:31:47 AM)
    i know

    Seeing says: (10:31:56 AM)
    i love the image

    Pip says: (10:32:04 AM)
    me too

    Seeing says: (10:32:10 AM)

    Pip says: (10:32:13 AM)
    i was thinking. shit, i don’t have a camera

    Seeing says: (10:32:17 AM)
    was that intended?

    Pip says: (10:32:22 AM)
    but then i remembered there’s one on my fucking computer

    Pip says: (10:32:24 AM)

    Pip says: (10:32:34 AM)
    i took several but this was the one that worked itself out

    Seeing says: (10:32:37 AM)
    well done my insightful petunia

    Pip says: (10:32:42 AM)

    Seeing says: (10:33:22 AM)
    the world reflecting back at us–revealing ourselves to ourself

    Pip says: (10:33:29 AM)

    Seeing says: (10:33:52 AM)
    we are the inside looking out and the outside looking in

    Seeing says: (10:33:55 AM)
    all at once

    Seeing says: (10:34:01 AM)
    we are behind the view

    Seeing says: (10:34:14 AM)
    we ARE the view

    Pip says: (10:34:20 AM)
    yes! it’s all in the left pane of the picture – giving that sense of space – of voyeurism but more than that

    Seeing says: (10:34:41 AM)
    and it’s perceived as reversed

    Pip says: (10:34:48 AM)

    Seeing says: (10:35:04 AM)
    as if we are looking thrrough it not at it

    Pip says: (10:35:04 AM)
    it’s sort of questioning in viewpoint. pensive

    Pip says: (10:35:26 AM)
    hmmm. i like that

    Pip says: (10:35:41 AM)
    i also like that it’s slightly “cartoony”

    Seeing says: (10:35:49 AM)
    i think you are ready for laurie anderson!

    Pip says: (10:35:53 AM)
    like it’s maleable – our lives are maleable

    Seeing says: (10:36:08 AM)
    our view is maleable

    Pip says: (10:36:14 AM)

    Seeing says: (10:36:14 AM)
    moment to moment

    Seeing says: (10:36:29 AM)
    nano second to nanosecond

    Pip says: (10:36:40 AM)

    Seeing says: (10:37:13 AM)
    like poop on my fluevogs

    Pip says: (10:37:44 AM)
    ahhahah love it

    Seeing says: (10:39:30 AM)
    mind if i share this stream as a comment?

    Pip says: (10:39:39 AM)
    not at all

    Pip says: (10:39:41 AM)
    would love it

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