How do I love thee…

Falling in love all over again is easy when your love evolves. I learned that from a wise friend, and she’s right.

I’ve been falling in love all over again a lot this week, and I want to share with the world one of these stories.

My boyfriend and I were IM’ing the other day and he sent this to me:

Romantic IM

How could you not fall in love again when your partner does something as profoundly simple as that?


2 thoughts on “How do I love thee…

  1. yes! most people fall in love then spend the rest of their relationship trying to maintain that feeling. the simple truth about love is that there is the possibility of falling in love everyday and it’s diffent and unique everytime…with every gesture, glance, thought, card, laugh, vulnerability. we are not taught much about love or death. there’s plenty of movies in our culture about both but we really have no idea how to create it, express it or explore it fully. it’s the little things that started it and it’s the little thiings that recreate it newly fresh and exciting and deep.

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