The Story of Your Life


Start telling the story of your life in new terms and see what expands for you and your life. When you are approaching life from your eternal viewpoint, you understand the limitless possibility that manifests each moment in your life. New desires radiate from you whether you speak it or not creating the world you walk through. Life expands-are you keeping up with that expansion?  When you ask for greater wellness, life expands. Are you keeping up with it? We tend to observe where we are. We are surrounded by the isness of what is. It has our attention. When you are fixated on what is, you seperate yourself from the larger version of you. You get fixated on the details of where you are and it keeps you from standing in the expanded, broader part of you.

The larger part of you becomes what you’ve asked for. Fine tune, focus. Vibration wasn’t build yesterday–you add to it, amend it– ask for what you want. Once you expand to an new place you then have to move to that expansion. You cannot stay where you are! Feeling despair, you are so far from this expansion you start judging others, hating, sabotage. Change your conversation. What’s  staying alive by your actions and your conversations?  What’s holding you from become the expanded person you are.

The universe gives us clues–recognize them and things start showing up for us. Drop your old belief system along the way–stop beating the drum of where you are rather than what you want. Step into who you’ve become. The universe will require this of you by presenting you with discomfort, frustration and struggle to give you a push or a kick. Knowing what you don’t want gives birth to what you DO want. No means yes. Let the yes be born and turn your attention to THAT. Knowing what you don’t want identifies what you do want. Turn your attention to what you want. Allow the wellbeing that is yours. The better you feel, the more you are allowing it, the worse you feel the more you are not allowing it. Expect things to go your way, believe and step into the expanded side of you. At the same time let go of your attachments.

love, Kate