Seeing Is a Verb


You hold the roller. Now whatcha going to do?

What if …

What if ...

I was thinking of a world where our default way of being was looking for what brings us together rather than what separates us. This is my simple lens of travel.

Franconia Sculpture Park

Franconia Sculpture Park

Shafer, Minnesota

“Nothing needs to be explained, justified, or even understood, to move beyond it, transformed, wings afoot, chariots aflame, angels on high, sparkles trailing, fuzzy dice on the mirror… ”

Let’s get carried away,
The Universe


Head out towards Taylors Falls for a beautiful drive with friends and family and visit  the Franconia Sculpture Park in Shafer MN. Summer Saturdays provide music in the park all day and night. Bring a cooler or buy food and drink once you arrive. They have made great strides in creating a beautiful, relaxing environment to sit and listen to music and  walk among the ever changing sculptures in the park. Spend the day or a few hours–inspiring fun for everyone.

Central Avenue, NE Minneapolis

Central Avenue, NE Minneapolis

A decidedly perfect summer’s day in August. The kind of late summer’s day that brings Minnesotans out to revel in the celebration of summer’s end with music and laughter.  Festivals abound, grills fired up a’blazing and bikes fill the street. One quiet corner, a bus rolls to a stop and roars on. I am left alone to marvel in the magestic light bouncing off an abandoned building and the stillness and warmth of the ending day. These moments are the treasured.