About Conversations We Engage in

…and the natural way groups form in any organization where there are more than 2 people. An interesting thing, this tribal way we find and connect to those around us who have like interests, like views, and like objectives. We experience some commonality that makes us feel a part of something. We experience a sense of belonging and place that pulls us together. It can be powerful, comforting and profound, but those outside these groups can feel invisible, isolated and shut out.

Depending on where we stand, we look out at that world through the lens of our beliefs, our fears, our curiosities and judgements.  Why are we thrown to bringing people down? People who have done nothing to those who berate and separate them, giving them no possibility at all to move, to grow, to thrive and to be understood. Gossip, snide remarks, giggles from online exchanges can divide. We miss out on what we can learn from one another.

You never know what someone is going through in their personal life and what comment or dismissal will be their tipping point. I have stopped listening for anything that doesn’t come from love, empathy and kindness.  I am committed to having people stand and be seen. Try it and see what shifts in your world.


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