Relationships Ah relationships.

Over the course of our lives friends, like it or not,  come and go. All contribute greatly to who we are and show us new ways to experience life.  We, over time, develop expectations of one another consciously or not. We may feel disappointment for the times we feel they are not there for us.  We may feel a pang of jealousy when other friends compete for their time. We may feel grief when they move away or become distant.We feel loss when they start new relationships that take them away from us.

People come into each others life to share their light with us. Enjoy the perspective they provide us, bask in the light they share and know we are constantly in a dance with one another.  There is no mistake we meet the people we do. There is no mistake we cross paths with so many others. Celebrate and drink it in while it is there. It is who makes us who we are today. They will always be a part of us and never separate.


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