But here at the gate of impasse, I still have a choice and my pride.

In these days of economic and intense personal challenges, it is important to remind ourselves that even when things don’t fit our pictures we still have a choice.  This last year has presented many personal hurdles. Standing toe to toe and looking into the face of them,  these challenges look impassable. It’s exhausting to stand against them and although we want to give in, it’s important we take the next step, no matter how small it is.

Take a step back from time to time to get a different perspective. Sometimes it’s through this view we can see the entire landscape and get a proper perspective on the road ahead. Often times, it is not as bad as we thought and we can even see a more scenic, easier paths around. Sometimes, the rest of retreat is essential to prepare us for the next push, like a long labor, after which we bear the fruit of new life.

Trust in life and knowledge that we are not alone. We never have been and never will be. Just around the corner is all that we intended long ago and the bumps in the road, the crashing waves on the rocks we walk along are there to provide us all we need to meet the next challenge. Live this life, every moment of it with the knowing that we are given nothing we can’t handle.

kate pabst


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