On our path

Each of us is on our own path and we all learn differently. Because of this it is important to not interfere with another’s path of growth.

This is difficult because we are all hard-wired to help, intervene, manipulate, judge, give advice, share the benefits of our own experiences, and have a distinct point-of-view – this is what it is to be human.

It takes practice to understand that each of us have our own path unfolding for the Good of us.

Not to say we stand idlely by and refuse to help in those rare situations where we SHOULD intervene – I’m talking about the “saving” someone part. Those times we want to intervene in someone’s life with a perception that our experience will actually benefit them. Many times this unrequested  intervention is unwelcomed or ignored when delivered.

These are the times we need to step back and trust that anothers’ path, like our own, is a perfect unfoldment for growth and development.

Surrender and ride the wind. It will take us to places we most need to go.


One thought on “On our path

  1. So, so true. It is sometimes very difficult to leave someone be on their path, when we say to ourselves “if they would only…” And it does seems easier to see for someone else than ourselves.

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