Enjoy yourself

Take only what you need from it.

Everyone says kids are great teachers–and I’ve always believed it. But once you actually have one, you get lessons on a much deeper level than imagined. Enjoy yourself. Take only what you need. Watching this little guy drink milk till full and turn to a deep peaceful sleep is the best stress relief ever invented. All my molecules rearrange and reinvent themselves. I am born new. Like falling in love, nothing else matters and everything else matters. A profound silence is awakened and I am reminded who I am at a core, while staring into the stranger inside me that’s been lurking this last decade struggling to find the voice that once screamed in a primitive curiosity will al the time in the world ahead of me.

This boy. He is my legacy. Not as an ego—because I am not there—but as a conversation. We are in a dance of rearranging atoms….sharing, influencing, loving, expanding. We are all one. I leave behind this Being, teaching all that I can through my exploration with him, for him. because of him in hopes he will know who he is and why he is here. He is teaching me what matters most is the moments shared.

I remember projects done for the exploration, the joy, the expression, the expansion of myself and others, what is created and the relationships of everyone involved. That is what got me up in the morning and had me engage so fully into every moment. they were ALL first moments……right now, right now, right now. I had a can do approach to everything and nothing was left out. Somewhere along the line it changed. I got caught up in the current of to do, must do, and can’t do.

I look at the sweet face of this new life in front f me and I see that creation, that expression, that moment to moment rearrangement of atoms staring back at me and I am set free.

Enjoy yourself. Take only what you need from it.


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