How do you want to be remembered?

I’ve been thinking alot about people. Please who came and went from my life over the years. People who stopped for a time to make a difference, good and bad, in my life’s path.   I went to a catholic grade school. Some of my friends in the neigborhood attended the public school. We rarely saw each other all winter , but as soon as school let out for the summer, we rediscovered each other…a little taller, a little smarter.  Bobby M. from grade school. Who sat we us on the front porch on long summer nights talking with the girls….all older than him but so kind, gentle and engaged. I’m sure he was the first gay person I ever met. I was in awe of his self-expression and interest in people. He was easy to be around and loved to sit around and talk and talk. I’m not sure if he turned out gay, but I had a deep intuition about it even tho I didn’t have the words for what that was and what that meant. I wonder what marvelous things he is up to now.

His older sister Cathy M. with her joyful laugh that always brought a smile to my face. She was the oldest of the M. clan and cared for all her sibs like they were her own.  I don’t remember her parents much—I don’t think they were around much, working. What I remember about Cathy, besides that infectious laugh, was the joy and love that exuded from her. She never took anything personally, able to laugh at herself in the moment. She was loving and energetically nurturing. Never asked for anything.  I can in a moment, go back to the stoop long ago and see her smiling face and hear her laughter…..and I’m smiling.


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