Take it down

Today I spent the day dealing with glass repair guys and rearranging the things I thought I would be doing today, a much anticipated day off for Christmas. Yesterday afternoon I went outside to discover one of our cars broken into and the other one gone. No tracks thanks to the fresh snow that had fallen all day. Just an empty void. My car sat glass strewn everywhere across the seats, it’s gaping hole pulling the falling snow in all day. It looked cold and violated. Emptied like some rental car in an airport lot.

Sometime between 1am and sunrise, some individuals took it upon themselves to make a deposit into their vibrational escrow….to chalk one up to their karma. Auto theft and robbery for 6 dollars in change–parking meter money. Parking meter quarters in my car and a car phone charger.

I stood dumbfounded for a moment….and deflated at the will of human nature to take from each other. Then I started to think about what I could take away from it. What is my vibration that had this show up on this snowy Sunday for me to look at?

The beauty of metaphysical science is you get to really live it. Where the rubber meets the road. Not some nice theory to think about, discuss over coffee or read about out there. We get to really live it. We get to live it everyday, not just when life seems to be going “well”….or what we deem “working”.

I opened the book “Government is Self-Government” by Margaret Laird tonight to a random page (page 51). I love doing this when anything I am at risk of getting attached to happens. Here’s what I read:

Love is the knowledge that all of my living is self-living. Whether I life myself Mindfully, insightfully, as Life, or un-Mindfully, outsightfully as death, all of my living is mine (mine and Mind actually). I am the robbed that makes the robber, the sin that makes the sinner. I am the unacknowledged Love that makes the hate. I can do nothing about the robber, the sickness, sorrow, and hate. They have no existence outside apart from my own self-robbing. I can only do something for myself and as myself.

When I am able to live myself divinely, Mindfully, consciously being the Love that is Principal and the Reason for everything, I shall see that all of my living is Good-living, Right-living, Love-living.

How perfect is that?! and…But What does it mean? I found myself today quickly passing through the events of Sunday am…amazing myself how much I did not take it personally…or even take it on after the first hour. I quickly thought about my being—-knowing that my external world shows up as a reflection of my internal world. Where am I breaking glass for quarters and pennies? Where in my life an I being the robber? Not as a victim—(as in I deserve this)—but unattached as a conscious being, knowing I am both the robbed and the robber. There can be no seperation. It is all one—we are all one. There is not “out there” but my world showing up each moment for me to look at.

All my living is self-living. Mind, infinately manifesting. We are never at the mercy of a force that lies outside of us. The way it looks is not the way it is.  I am certainly not happy with getting robbed, the violation and cost irks me. I work hard for the things I have. They have been earned.  I do not accept it but I don’t attach to it either. I do not know what lessons the thiefs are playing out in their world but I do trust in the universe. There are no mistakes in the roles we all play for one another for whatever reasons. Like my picture in the snowy field, I bend down to change the view. We look very small. I am on to other things.


2 thoughts on “Take it down

  1. Oh dear. Whoever stole & broke your cars is up for some seriously bad karma. And right before Christmas. I think that should get you doubly bad karma.

    Thanks for the metaphysics reminders! Have you read Infinite Possibilities by Mike Dooley? I think you’d love it!

    Happy Christmas to you and yours!

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