to change the view…..take it down a bit

hmmmm…..Sometimes all it takes to change the view is to bend a bit. Get down.

All things look equal, yes? No, good bad, big, small. One majestic view of it all. Thank you Universe.

3 thoughts on “to change the view…..take it down a bit

  1. Kate, I LOVE this post — and the ones below it (down thru the one about barking). I’ve bookmarked the page. Can’t imagine why I haven’t SEEN it before, but I haven’t.

    I think sometimes the “why” question has no point and is really just another question in disguise: Am I being Man? Our divinity constantly demands recognition as all, and that action is all there is to Man. The being IS the knowing.

    I got a speeding ticket recently, the first in about 25 years. And when I asked myself why, no “human” reason sprang to mind, just the confidence that everything was operating just the way it should. Yes, I was going 79 mph in a 65 mph zone; I was talking on the cell via a bluetooth earpiece, not watching the speedometer and just going with the flow. Maybe I needed a reminder not to go with the flow. Maybe the “reason” for the ticket will become apparent as time goes on. But all I know, or need to know, about this is that divine Principle in action functions perfectly as Man. I can be confident and comfortable about that in my living however it may look, and let it go, so I don’t miss the next “Now” while lost in “thought about” something that is past.

    When tempted to regret having to write a check for the fine, or the January Saturday I will be spending in “traffic school,” I simply remember that Principle functioning perfectly is Man — Me — and because Mind’s idea is always discernible and tangible, I can trust that I know now, and will always know, exactly what I need to know. The apparent need is the demand for awareness that the need was met before it was perceived.

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