I am empowered

My power today lies in practice. My life is a work of art in progress and my purpose is worthy of appreciation, attention, and effort. I’m validated by doing my best to fulfill my intention ….take pride in my work. I am empowered by a vested interest in what’s possible.

Practice, progress and purpose. My life is moving so fast and so slow at the same time. How can that be? So much to do–I feel an urgency to keep all the plates in the air. Racing thoughts keep me up at night. Lifetimes merge. My soul cries for solitude, peace and space…. interruption by my head says no. No time, no time.

I must have died suddenly in a past life–or spent my days and nights locked up in a real or perceived cage. Religiously persecuted or gender restrained. I crawl out of my skin with ideas that fall like pennies from heaven.

Hmmmmm real or perceived cage. The more things change they stay the same. Cages still exist— jobs, mortgages, health and wellness, history. I’m empowered because I say so.


2 thoughts on “I am empowered

  1. hmmmm- first time posting on a blog…moved by your insghts about practice progress and insights…

    even with time, my soul cries for solitude, peace and space…my head still says no…even with all of the time in the world….what now?

  2. A—thank yu for posting! How wonderful. we all seem to be searching for the same thing. peace in a moment….solitude in a breeze and space in the rolling hills of a s.w. minnesota farm. moments seem fleeting at best, but we learn to sew moments into minutes, minutes in hours and allow ourselves to be swept away in the possibility of it all. you take the steps and i am so proud of that. attachment is a slippery slope. a hard muscle to build and maintain. for me peace comes when i step off the ride and be. staring at a wall, watching the sunset shadows dance and quickly fade. i am met with darkness, a time of day i am most uncomfortable with and my peace comes in fantasy of books, movies and sleep. so tell me why does your head say no when your heart says yes?

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