oh Pooh…and motorcycles

You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

– Christopher Robin to Pooh

pooh bear

I am reminded how out of sync a persons’ self-critique is with their public face….that is, how others see you If you are anything like me, you are extremely hard on yourself. Raising a bar for yourself so high you often feel like you can’t possibly  measure up, altho you keep trying. This certainly leads to the same unrealistic expectations of those around you, all around you—down to the guy standing in front of you in line at the grocery store and the guy that just cut you off in traffic. You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

This weekend I took a motorcycle safety course. It’s been many years since I’ve been on a bike–the last event ended with a nasty dance with a country gravel road. Today I faced my fears–but that not why I did it.

I put myself in the seat of being present. There’s a lot to lose if I am not present on a motorcycle. I am reminded to slow down, feel the wind on my face and the syncronicity of a machine under me that hasn’t really gone thru much change over time. Feel myself moving.  Clutch, brake, throttle. There it is–each serving a different purpose—each essential to the whole. If I am not present and do not have all the parts working as one I know it…and not only my performance is affected, but my well being is as well. I need to become one with this machine–it takes no thought, it just is—accelaerate, brake, turn…..

I thought today as I leaned into my turns how responsive the bike is. If I struggled or resisited, the bike did. If I leaned naturally and slowly, the bike glided effortlessly. What a lesson in living my world.

I chose the bike today was too small for me and it affected the flow of my starts and stops, curves and handling. The bike was less intimidating, more managable, less fearsome, more tameable  I thought to myself, “where am I playing small in my life?” Where have I outgrown old behaviors, resisted the stage, quieted my voice, sat in the back row, held myself back, stopped dreaming and stretching and played small with things I know I can manage?


6 thoughts on “oh Pooh…and motorcycles

  1. i love this message. i’m also hard on me. i also try to live in the present. living elsewhere doesn’t seem to ease the mind. i’m proud of you. (and ecstatic for you)

  2. First of all, yay for you!
    I loved this story, and particularly the last paragraph; so very well put, and such helpful questions to ask oneself.
    Thank you for inspiration today.

  3. Amazing. Hit me right where I live. I often think that I’m self-conscious to the point of being self-centered. I doubt anyone else takes what I say or do as gravely as I do. And I too have gotten quieter. Good stuff and yeah you.

  4. Thanks for the post Hollytraveling—I agree about the “I often think that I’m self-conscious to the point of being self-centered.” comment! I think that about myself too!

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