The big one got away?

Fishing is such a delicious metaphor for life. Trying to catch the right job, career, soulmate, adventures, and security. Using the juiciest of baits and coming up empty hook, tangled in weeds or hooking an unexpected fish that didn’t quite fit your pictures.  What if we took on living in the flow of life? Like a leaf floating down a river?  Complete with all it’s ups and downs, twists and turns.

So easy to do when all is going according to plan and everyting is easily fitting our pictures. But what about when things screech to a halt, economies plummet, jobs hang on the brink and we wake in the morning trying to merely survive another day. So many of us are waking to this everyday–I know I am. It’s so difficult to keep myself present and grounded in the midst of media buzz and the reality of friends and family losing their jobs, health care, homes and security.

So what to do within these challenges? How do we keep urself grounded and optimistic? I listen to tapes all day–not even music, but enlightment cd’s that keep me in the truths of te fundamentals of scientific metaphysics. Margaret Laird. Betty Albee. Carolyn Myss, Wayne Dyer, Eckart Tolle,  Fred Wolfe,  Abraham. I keep my mind as free of clutter as possible, controlling what I can and trying to let go of the rest. I try to trust—and look for the doors opening, istead of the doors closing. I watch programs that feed my mind, my laughter or my visual and art sensibilities.

Sometimes….mostly…… it’s a moment to moment practice–right now right now right now. It is not easy to be sure, but it’s all I know to do.  The practice of Scientific metaphysics is not for the pleasure of when things are going right (as we know right to be) but it’s a Truth that is the basis of belief regardless of the picture. We live in a paradox experience. Right/wrong, good/ bad, black/white, happy/sad, sickness/health. It is all one happening….all present…all the time. We cannot have one without the other. With the problem is the solution. With the sickness is the health. With darkness is light.

Hang in there my friends, for this too will pass. Use less, appreciate more and be kind to each other. We need one another…we ARE one another. Include each other, don’t turn away. Support each other, don’t horde. See each other don’t look over or beyond. We are in need of that special something each of us has to share. Support your independent business’…the local stores, resteraunts, services. Share your jobs, reduce hours rather than lay people off…live with less. We can make it through this and come out the otherside newly awakened.

Throw your hook and see what happens—-

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