Some Holiday (and after holiday) Tips

Use old posters, posters from mail, schools, old maps, reused paper to wrap gifts.

–Money to a favorite charity in your person’s name. (I am especially fond of Make-a-Wish or animal rescue organizations)

Reuse old christmas cards by removing the fronts. Send as post cards or stick in envelopes.

–Shop in antique shops and thrift stores. So much great items out there already in circulation.

Look at ebay, criag’s list, any local classified ads for items being sold or traded. I sold a pristene 1963 one speed on craig’s list. A young man bought it for his sister for christmas.

–Be aware of packaging if you have to buy new. Over-packaged items should be avoided. Where does all that plastic go?

Give experience gifts. Make gift certificates yourself for events. Walk in the woods, day at the movies, game nights, cooking diners, backrubs, foot massages, taking out the garbage, cleaning, babysitting……etc! Those gifts are always most memorable. Spending time with people…yes!


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