Our Footprints: A metaphor about poop

Flat Stanley, poop and The Cherry & The Spoon

Flat Stanley, poop and The Cherry & The Spoon

I stopped by the Walker Art Center’s sculpture garden yesterday, Sunday, on a beautifully perfect fall afternoon to take a picture for an Arizona friend’s daughter’s flat stanley project. What can be more Minneapolis than Oldenberg’s Cherry & the Spoon and the downtown backdrop? As I walked close to the sculpture, flat stanley in tow, I notice all the goose poop I was walking through. For those who haven’t the experience, it is the equivalent of walking through the extrament of a small dog, and it’s EVERYWHERE. I took my photo and turned to leave, head down, strategically placing my foot carefully to minimize the crap I’d have to wipe off before getting back in the car, on to the next photo op.

As I walked into my next stanley stop, my high-rise office building in downtown Minneapolis, and pushed the elevator button to the 28th floor I pondered my goose poop. How odd that in this building, far away from “The Cherry and the Spoon” here am I, transporting what I picked up on my shoe in the garden and placing it, I’m sure, on the hallways and offices of a place so removed from it. Even if undistinguishable, there it sits, a microbe of matter carried by a middle person, unwittingly, to it’s new environment, and set to rest….altering it’s surroundings, even if microscopicly (if that’s a word).

So I think how we all, with our footprints, pick up things through our travels and place them elsewhere on our stops without even being aware of it. Our music, our food, our favorite resteraunts, our learnings, our jokes, our perspectives, put knowledge and wisdom, our talents and failures, our friends and family, our technology, our vision, our stories……it is endless poop on our shoes we can’t help pick up in our journey and leave elsewhere along the way. And it is there long after we move on to another location, another pick up and stop. To forever alter the space, however invisible it seems to the human eye and perception.


2 thoughts on “Our Footprints: A metaphor about poop

  1. I didn’t realize The Cherry and the Spoon was a real thing! Verrrrry interesting metaphor. We do tend to pick things up as we go, and then disperse them, and only sometimes consciously choose. 🙂

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