Bend Over and Whisper (got your attention?)

Every blade of grass has an angel that bends over it and whispers, “Grow! Grow!”

-The Talmud

I’ve been thinking alot about surrender. I’m a restless person. Racing mind and curiosity to match, I rarely say no. I also have a heightened sensitivity that too often compromises my ability to say no, let go and have patience to allow things to unfold. Especially the older I get. I have high standards on people and even higher standards for myself. Impossibly high. I know this about myself. So what has me squirm? Each day is another opportunity to let go—to give it up, surrender….be conscious, aware and generous. Opportunity? It’s painful. There it is. Day after day. The same noise in my head….the same letting go.

What has us move on? For most I suspect it’s something or someone else trumps it. A new guy you can’t stand at work that’s just like the old guy you couldn’t stand. And there you are–letting go of the new old Tim, or Bob or Mary. It get’s old doesn’t it? Or a love lost….and lost…and lost and lost.

Surrender Dorothy. I was talking with a friend the other day about working styles—creative styles each of us have. A style..individual and unique. I was also thinking about how culture today seems to have funneled each of us into the same expectation. Who build teams anymore that compliment each other? We are all expected to do the same things, in the same amount of time. We judge ourselves against a common measurement of sameness. We have learned what works for the mass and tailor our skills toward that–and when it doesn’t work, we beat ourselves up over it…and we don’t talk about it do we. With each other I mean. Once in a while it comes out over lunch or a beer and we think…”wow! I feel that too..and I thought I was the only one.” and for a moment we feel a breath of air. A commonality in our uncommonality. And it feels good to be not perfect and not knowing and not wrong.


5 thoughts on “Bend Over and Whisper (got your attention?)

  1. I think we keep these thoughts in our head a lot, but when we let them out it really is nice to know we’re not alone. (Conversely, sometimes people just look at us weird… and then we wish we had!)

  2. Ah, surrender. That’s a tough one for me. Loss of control; loss of ego (oh no), but, and you make the point beautifully, we must, to move on. And that requires courage, which you also point out.

  3. used to have something in my teaching philosophy statement that most upper tier educators didn’t like to read. i loved to ruffle their feathers and their conscienctiousness. For what it’s worth, here it is:

    Teaching/Work Philosophy

    In Order of Importance…
    Student success. Student success. Student success.

    If I don’t know it (I don’t know everything!), then we’ll find out together.

    Every award you’ll ever win is the result of teamwork.

    Graphic design is an aesthetic endeavor that takes place within given parameters.

    Take risks.

    Fail at something every day.

    Read and watch TV.

    Theory and Practice
    Theory and practice must work together in the classroom to enlighten and enliven the process of visual communication investigation, education and practice.

    Good visual communication solutions depend on thorough research.

    The graphic design classroom must support an educational mission that fosters ethically and environmentally responsible innovation and development.

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