Roots, ……and branches that stretch to the sky. Like old friends, they are recognized by me. Each one strong and unique. Each one speaks to me. And like an old friend in awe and deep respect, I acknowledge and protect.

Like trees, growing out of rocks, cracks, squares in city sidewalks, we also manifest creative ways of growing, in the midst of the challenges we come up against in our world. “Trees will even grow through rock, shattering it, in their effort to reach the air and light they need to survive. We are similarly resilient, with a built-in propensity for growth and the conditions that promote it. We find creative ways around the obstacles we confront as we move along our paths, moving toward the light that feeds us, just as trees grow around other trees and rocks as they make their way upward. ” [Daily OM]

Trees bring me into alignment with the reality that I am part of it all. I feel the roots seeking nourishment from the earth. Branches reaching to the sky seeking the nouishment of sun and rain. A strong root base supporting it’s bending branches that move with the changing wind and weather. It shades from the heat and shelters from the rain. I feel their wisdom–the silent watchers. The mothers of the forests. Where they are-I am home.


2 thoughts on “Trees

  1. How wonderfully put. I have also always noticed the trees since I was a kid. Their strength comforts me. Determined to survive in the midst of our choking negligence. The default of the universe is life expressing itself. Trees cradle the sky with open arms–point to all that is possible. Let’s take some thought into helping them.

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