The Truth About Plastic

photo: Kang Kim for TIME

This week’s time magazine has a very good article about a woman who has taken on an experiment, much like ours, to eradicate plastic from her life. Not an easy task.

This article an interesting and scarey look into how much plastics has become an unavoidable part of our lives. READ THE ARTICLE

I was making coffee this weekend as a guest at a lake cabin. As I pulled out the Folgers from the cabinet, I was sad to see it was now packaged in a large plastic tub. Coffee? The last holdout for tin? The coffee can for gawd’s sake. Now I knew we had no choice. The tital wave of plastic was unstoppable.

I have felt intuitively for many years all these wonderful conveniences of modern chemistry and science would be just the thing to do us in. Any step away from natural is a step towards unknown dangers. Nothing is free. Our wealth giving us access to convenience of modern day products could actually be the war we don’t even know we are losing…or know we are IN for that matter. Plastic leeching into our air and water is something we won’t escape. It touches us all.

It’s hard to keep up all the factors effecting us today—cancer, infertility, obesity, diabetes, depression, attention deficit, autism. The cumulative effect of our products, food processing, chemicals, toxins released everyday into our environment, financial and economic stresses. I feel more and more out of control as I look at the long list of ingredients on the back of labels on overpackaged goods.

One good thing about our BUY NOTHING NEW experiment is that the items we do purchase used or make do not come packaged. Food, cleaning and personal hygine products are another thing entirely. Belonging to a community farm, shopping at farmers markets and making your own cleaning products certainly help.

I think that we are but a drop in the whole of the problem and what comes of the energy we put forth to take this on? We are up against the world. It’s my conscious the drives me. My heart and spirit that has me understanding the whole of it. It is the default of life to sustain itself in harmony with all others—trees, animals, fish, water, each other. IF we actually listened to our soul and not our egos….we would all feel it. We would feel the Truth and we could not harm. We would take only what we need and give back three-fold…..protecting the life that is part of us while we are here.


4 thoughts on “The Truth About Plastic

  1. Thank you for this. I did read the article you linked to, and I have been having some of the same concerns. Can you believe that, until recently, I microwaved things in disposable plastic containers? ick. I acknowledge and admire your great experiment. I always think of this regarding furniture, for one thing. There is so much great furniture available in thrift stores. One can refinish and re-purpose it, and it has to live somewhere!

  2. I know– I microwaved the stuff all the time in plastic! Especially leftovers in those soft plastic containers. It’s actually really fun to see how to repurpose furniture. I just bought a pair of metal outdoor chairs for 28 bucks a piece. All I plan on doing is sealing them to protect them from rusting further. I like the aged patina and chipping paint (which is probably lead). Some other ideas—say no to plastic or paper bags at the store. Bring your own. Speak up. Most clerks don’t even ask if you want one or not.

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