Silence and voyouerism

Silence is confrontational to the unbalanced mind. It won’t allow you to escape from all the noise…all the voices in your head…all the to do’s, the regrets, the desires, the needs and wants. It won’t let you escape from the “I should of said this” or “I should of done that. It causes me to wince and say things outloud as if I am replaying a line from a bad movie. It’s also the silence that awakens the poet inside of me. Free from the chaos of a man-made life, created dependencies on technologies and economies. Spinning plates in the air, running back and forth to keep them from falling to the ground, shattering in tiny pieces. We fill our time–any moment or sliver of a gap with thing we think are real—facebook, im, texting, twitter. Cell phone conversations on bikes, walking dogs, waiting for the bus, etc.

iPod headphones jammed in our ears, cutting off the sounds of the world around us, we create our own soundtracks to our own movies.

Twitter—-a site you can sign up for where your posts are limited to 140 characters. People–anyone–can be following you. By simply hitting a button and they get your posts and you can get theirs…..a total stranger telling you they are now cutting the lawn, or having a glass of wine, or not doing work. Or said something to so and so last night. We have become the 21st century voyouers and both parties know it. We’ve left our window open for a looksy. Go ahead–have a look. It’s ok. You’re invited and I’m flattered.

I too am a voyouer–but my window is the snippets of conversations I pick up in passing someone on the street or sitting at another table in a resteraunt. I love the chatter of birds as I sit under a tree or walk by. I stop to observe as it becomes a frantic play for territory. Not much different than corporate office environments and cultures. One is left as the other moves on. I love watching and hearing the interactions of nature…and the world I walk through. I love watching interactions between human beings in structures….their perceptions, body language, interactions. I love watching what they see—what lights them up…what they miss. I love the faces of kids-the wonderment and processing that reflects the world in teir little faces. THIS IS MY TWITTER. 140 characters of unspoken language spoken in the subtleties of living.

…and silence……

It’s this same silence I rely on to return myself to me. To listen to my soul and celebrate the wonderment of the uni-verse. The one verse of life that all things are equal and of one another. A dance of interdependencies…life manifest in a spiritual dance of Being. Make the time to quiet yourself. Allow yourself to do nothing but Be. Be in the silence–allow the conversations in your head to arise and move. The only way out is through.


2 thoughts on “Silence and voyouerism

  1. “I too am a voyeur” —I love that. I don’t “get” Twitter, and I think you have helped to show me why. I’ve had a couple bloggie friends tell me I can “follow” them on Twitter, so I took a look to see what it was. I’m supposed to answer the question “What are you doing” in 140 characters. Every day? Five times a day? Everything I’m “doing”?
    Reading your lovely post makes me realize I’m not so much “doing” as “being”.

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