New in the Metro area of Minneapolis–Agri

A new restaurant called Agri…an opening worth mentioning in the Minneapolis metro area. Opening Saturday May 31st, Agri is an organic restaurant with a focus on food that is locally grown using sustainable methods. Agri is open everyday 5-11pm and will soon be serving brunch on Saturday and Sundays.

I dined there Friday night and it was deeeeee-lish–the dishes were beautifully colored and creative. The deserts were amazing. No liquor license or carry in but the blood orange soda is amazing

We need to support these types of restaurants so more of them open and stay open. Don’t you Agri? (Couldn’t resist)

Agri is located at 4300 Bryant Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota
612 822 3101

Outside seating at Agri


2 thoughts on “New in the Metro area of Minneapolis–Agri

  1. I did go–it was deeee-lish! Very creative menu which I was told they are still working out, adjusting, testing etc. The space is so cute, outdoor seating. I will definately be back. A bit on the pricey side but I’m sure it’s due to the fact they use all local growers. they should maybe say that in their menu. Happy to support the locals. Great food you feel good about eating.
    I Agri!

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