Andrew Cohen, Redefining God

Before the big bang, before the beginning, there was a void. It couldn’t have been more still or peaceful, simply because absolutely nothing had yet occurred. Then suddenly an impulse emerged and exploded-an impulse to become-that gave birth to a powerful creative process. But who or what initiated that process? What energy or intelligence made the choice to take that miraculous leap from formlessness to form? Somewhere, somehow, a choice must have been made. Such an audacious move, that instantaneous leap from nothing to everything, could only have been made by a force that was nothing less than God-like. So I interpret the word God as meaning not only the empty Ground of all Being but also that creative principle-the evolutionary impulse, the urge to become, the First Cause, the elemental driving force behind the evolving universe. And that creative principle does not exist “out there” or somewhere up in the sky, but emerges from the deepest dimension of Being itself, which is not separate from your very own consciousness.
-Andrew Cohen


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