Green is the New Green: Please, read this

It seems that consumers are interested in understanding the impact of what they’re buying on the environment. And the corporations know it. Walmart is positioning themselves as “green”…car companies, manufacturers, builders….all jumping on the bandwagon. If I hear another (insert company name or product here) is the new green I’ll puke.

But it’s hard to know what is true or what makes sense, which leads to confusion and manipulation. If Walmart is claiming to sell organic food, I’m skeptical.

I don’t know the right answers. I don’t think any of us really do. At the end of the day I’m trying to buy less stuff. The greenest statement is to ignore the spins of the marketers and buy no products at all. Buy your food locally whenever possible. Shop garage sales, thrift stores and Craigs List. Look around you and see what you need…really need. Bus and bike…walk. Recycle and be ambassadors for the environment around you—don’t cut down trees in your yard simply because they block your view. Unplug your appliances when not using them (they are still drawing power as long as they are plugged in). Turn off lights when you leave the room and LEAVE YOUR OFFICE AT WORK. Turn off running water when you are brushing your teeth or preparing food. Water is precious and will one day be limited. Teach others—say something! Support resteraunts and businesses that are consciously shifting their footprint and altering their business and personal practices. We are the stewards. If not now, then when?

Check out this site for approved products and members directory:   The Biodegradable Products Institute

2 thoughts on “Green is the New Green: Please, read this

  1. Thanks Kate. I love the take away here. I must say when I think about how my parents purchase things – purchase something with the intention of keeping it forever – it can make a tremendous difference. Their 30 year old bedroom furniture drives me a little nuts, but as my mom says “There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s quality stuff.” Just think if we all shopped like that versus our planned obsolescence mentaility.

  2. yes and if we got tired of something–that’s fine….by something used…’s new to us. it’s ok to want new stuff….just reuse and recycle something already in use. our old stuff is new to someone…..thanks for the post nicole!

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