What Goes Around Comes Around

…and it’s ALOT more expensive when it comes around! Me with the Beatles lunchbox I had at 7 years old. I broke the thermos on my first day of first grade….as usual. The wool catholic school uniform I got as a hand me down from a neighbor across the street, Kathy McLaughlin, when she graduated from 8th grade. My mom kept letting out the waistband and hem as I grew through 8 years of catholic school. And OF COURSE I wore shorts under my skirt everyday. What solid catholic terror wouldn’t?

I hated those white crappy gym shoes. No support and a hard rubber button made it impossible to run or stop fast. I kept trying to wear them out and dirty them up by dragging my toes on the sidewalk and street while riding my bike, hoping my mom would simply throw them out. I thought she’d surely think they weren’t worth the money and stop buying them. No such luck. She promptly replaced them with another pair of the same crappy white sneakers. This went on till 6th grade when I started playing basketball and petitioned a real pair of gym shoes–sort of—Tom McCann shoes–a knock off of Converse canvas navy blue gym shoes. I swore I could run faster, jump higher and shoot better. My coach took me to get them and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Turns out I didn’t.

Oh…just realized the knee bend is in all my old photos. My mom thought it was ladylike and glam to pose like that. I thought it looked stupid…and the barette. Couldn’t wait till 6th grade when I cut it all off and could run faster and jump higher.

I’d add—this picture was taken the 1st day of 1st grade. By the time I got home from school, the barette was lost, my hair was stingy and behind my ears (that’s what they’re for) my socks were dirty and slouchy, sweater was unbuttoned and my gym shoes were stepped on my all my frieends to try to get the bright white out.


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