Kevin Kling’s “The Dog Says How” and ebay EBAY!

I just finished reading Kevin Kling’s ‘The Dog Says How”. Especially delightful read for the midwesterners–particularly those Minnesotan kind. WAIT! I stand lurking on ebay, waiting for the pounce time on my Beatles lunchbox. Weighing the strategy of the other lurkers, having watched the only bid stand down for the last 2 hours. Now I’m nervous and second guessing my self-imposed ceiling. Justifying it against a new pair of shoes or a painting. 17 minutes 20 seconds. Do I inch up or stay with my lucky? Wait…now that I think oof it, it hasn’t worked in the lottery. I inch up. 15 minutes 28 seconds. Sorry Suzi Orman…this is pure emotion and nostalgia. 14 minutes 8 seconds. It could be a table or a credit card payment. Or some sorely needed tuckpointing on the chimney. 12 minutes 16 seconds. A little guilt. Then competitiveness. I’ve blown that much on much less before. Ah what another 20 bucks at this point. 10 minutes 23 seconds. What do I wait for….5 minutes? 3? What if I have connection issues? Butterflies….I inch up again. 8 minutes 45 seconds. I’ll wait till 5….yeah. 5. 7 minutes 51 seconds. Shit…I can’t make it to 5. Just hit the button and walk away. Go pee. 6 minutes 32 seconds. those stalkers are waiting too. I can feel it. 6 minutes even. What are the chances of that? 5 minutes 32 seconds. I’m waiting till 4…. 5 minutes 2 seconds. I’m dying. 4 43 I’m going….SEND….3 minutes 37 seconds I’m in the lead….can’t stand it……walk away. NO…walk away…HOW LONG IS A MINUTE…MY GOD! Crap….I Bid too soon…sweating and anxiety…..1 minute 48 seconds. 1 23……I’ve got to walk away. 51 seconds…..36…….17….1.


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