Ann Bancroft Foundation, Women and Girls

photo by Nicole Netland

Last night I attended the Ann Bancroft Foundation’s annual gala in Minneapolis. Always inspiring, always confirming the work we are doing with young girls as leaders in our communities, who’s reach goes way beyond our borders. Also acknowledging how much work there is to do with supporting girls to grow up as confident, strong, independent leaders. Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, a past recepient, delivered an inspiring opening speech on the work being done in Washington with the 18 woman senators, both Republican and Democrat, uniting across the aisle to make change for women and womans issues. Seems a simple idea. Bring women out of poverty and educate them and you change the world. Teresa Heinz has been doing it with her work with women abroad. Educating ONE woman brings the entire tribe out of poverty.

So I ask you as Ann Bancroft has asked us…….Who are you bringing along with you?

We all have those people in our lives that have inspired us to strive (I had Chris Voelz as my high school coach), to raise the bar on our lives, challenge ourselves and those around us. Who are we bringing along with us? We are friends, teachers, coaches, mothers, daughters, sisters, professionals. We are the change we want to see in the world. Are we living it outloud? What woman and girl are we pulling up with us?

Ann Bancroft inspires me continually….her courage to explore of course, but also her commitment and dedication to bring it back to us.

Oh….and go ahead and send money to her non-profit….it provides scholarships for young girls to realize their dreams. Girls that are up to great things for the world they are creating. Girls that are our leaders of tomorrow… Every dollar matters. Send even 5!

[photo: Nicole Netland from her iPhone! How cool is that! Geez, I’ve got to get an iPhone]


2 thoughts on “Ann Bancroft Foundation, Women and Girls

  1. I am writing an article about Ann Bancroft for our national magazine. She will be speaking at our Convention in 2010. I was wondering if I could possibly use some quotes from your post above…it is inspiring and I believe gets at the heart of Ann’s message.

    Please let me know if you are ok with this and who to site.

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