Oh mighty crisis

Did you ever notice how when you stop trying to make something work that hasn’t been working, new stuff appears and starts working? Have you ever been stuck beyond belief and when you let go new paths show up? Do you need a kick in the pants to get you moving? It may show up in the form of horribly intolerable work circumstances, sickness or health issues and injuries, relationship crisis, crashes or as simple as a speeding ticket. Use these wake-up calls to look at our lives–what we are avoiding, not seeing or payinng attention to, withholding, manipulating, denying.

The universe is always providing ways for us to pay attention in our lives. There are no mistakes. Listen, look and be willing to move yourself and allow yourself to be moved. It’s a practice. I could never have predicted my path–it’s been a series of stepping stones, not up, as our culture would dictate, but outward….like a wonderous undulating road unfolding before me. I’ve met the most amazing, inspiring people along the way, had the most profound experiences, and learned some tough lessons….with many miles to go. Look, listen, and let go.


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