I was thinking…

…about the statement ‘What’s your life’s purpose?”

It occurs to me that we need not look far…we all are serving our life’s purpose by the mere fact we are here and breathing. I gave a presentation in Portland this weekend talking about my career as a graphic designer but more importantly my 8 commandments or codes I’ve learned during my 23 year career. I funneled 23 years into a stack of index cards. All the paths I’ve walked down, all the people I’ve met, all the experiences I’ve had. All the people and situations ALL have made a difference with my growth and unfoldment.

Everyone has their place in the interdependency of this living. The person we engage in conversation with at the bus stop, the partners we have, the people we work with, the people behind us in the grocery store. All are perfect in the dance of our living.

Last night was our Make-a-Wish Minnesota annual fundraiser The Wish Ball. I am always so humbled listening to the Wish Kids stories and meeting the amazing families of these kids. The kids have this magic that changes and challenges the lives of everyone around them. Nobody is left untouched. Who’s inspired you lately? Have you told them?


5 thoughts on “I was thinking…

  1. I enjoyed your talk here at Quango; you ask “Who’s inspired you lately? Have you told them?”, so I guess I’m telling you. 🙂 I dug out one of many blank sketchbooks I have when I got home and began again. Time to take a few moments a day, take a breath, dig a little deeper, and remember to open my eyes and look around.

  2. i agree that with every interaction, change and feeling and connection occurs, but just by breathing and living we are not serving a genuine purpose. living a real life is taking a part of you and sharing it with the world in order to pass along and receive pieces of everyone’s interactions. living life fully is a pro-active approach! we not only have to avoid negativity but need to move beyond the status quo and easy-level living…we must take parts of ourselves and offer them to the outside world…thus our internal life with continue to flourish by association.

  3. Congrat on doing such an inspired talk! I like this take on “have you told someone you love them today?” Somehow I’m more inspired by “inspired”. 😉 Thank you. BTW: You inspire me!

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