Woman bites pit bull attacking her pet



Kudos Amy! Amy Rice is a courageous, loving, artist friend of mine from Minneapolis, MN. She was out walking her dog Ella the other day when a pit bull, unprovoked, came running out of nowhere and attacked Ella. Today it’s on the home page of CNN.com.

Watch this video.


3 thoughts on “Woman bites pit bull attacking her pet

  1. Irresponsible owners are the problem some people should not own any dog let alone a pitbull.I have owned both pitbulls and rottweilers and have never had any problems with either breed.If a person owns a dog that is dog or people agressive they should properly secure their dogs end of story. By the way if this ”rampaging pitbull” was people aggressive Amy Rice would have lost her face. I personally feel Amy was very brave and commend her for doing what it takes to protect her dog. Do the research aggression towards dogs and aggression towards humans are seperate issues. My pitbull and I were attacked by a yellow lab that had gotten loose however this isn’t newsworthy because a pitbull didn’t attack first.

  2. Javan thanks for your response. Your point to “If a person owns a dog is dog or people aggressive they should properly secure their dogs end of story” sounds great only it doesn’t happen like that. 2 of the 3 events in the last year that happen to friends of mine, the dogs were supposedly secured in the heavily fenced yard. Including Amy’s attack. Let’s face it, most people that own pit bulls have different motivations for picking an aggressive bread. They probably don’t include curling up on the sofa on their owners lap with a bowl of popcorn watching Sound of Music reruns. I’m happy to hear you are a responsible owner. But I remain fixed on my position and will still pick my dog up when I pass a pit bull. Unfortunately, the breed has been formed into more of a weapon than a pet….and that can’t be easily undone. Today’s headline in the Minneapolis Star Tribune: http://www.startribune.com/local/17546069.html

    Thanks again for your response. I do appreciate the dialogue.

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