A Good Quote From Rita Mae Brown

I finally figured out the only reason to be alive is to enjoy it.
Rita Mae Brown


3 thoughts on “A Good Quote From Rita Mae Brown

  1. I stopped by today for a long-delayed visit, and found you’d quoted Rita Mae Brown. Serendipity at work, as my post-before-last was based on a quote of hers!
    I also find you mentioned my blog in a previous quote, and I’m honored! I didn’t know you’d linked; perhaps you don’t have the “pingback” function enabled. So it’s a happy coincidence to be here again. I so agree with the quote, by the way. 🙂

  2. I had to look to see where the “pingback” thingy is in the new dashboard. Click on “Settings” (upper right), then “Discussion”. If you’ve got “Allow attempts to notify…” and “Allow link notifications from other blogs” checked, then if you put a hotlink to my blog in your post, I’ll get something that looks like this on my dashboard:

    The Literary Pursuit linked here saying, “Related post Any bookworm would know that e-books …”

    Drink Deeply linked here saying, “The calendar convergences just keep coming this ye …”

    If you link to a specific post (not just blog title) then I get part of what you said about me or my post, which goes into the comments for that post: […wrote the best post I’ve ever read on any topic…] 😉

    Since I didn’t get the pingback from you, I assumed you didn’t have that function enabled. If you did, it didn’t work for some reason. It says on WordPress that these things “slow down posting”, but if that’s so, at least on high-speed, it slows it for, like, 3 seconds. I like it—more connections! 😀

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