Get to your daughter before they do. Onslaught.

I can’t help it……I wasn’t going to weigh in on the politics but dang it, I can’t help it…..I’m sick of hearing the same conversation from people who have done none of the due diligence. The product of a 2 second sound byte culture.

As long as I’m at it. Check out this video. A must see for anyone with a daughter (and a son)….

It’s a spot for Dove…well done! Dove continues to raise the bar (no pun intended) of awareness…and reality. My love-handled middle appreciates the reality check. We’re up against it folks. Plastic surgery becoming a common passage? What power these young girls must feel with their sexuality…overt and explicit and celebrated in our media. We teach them how to use it, how it works and what it can do. What do we teach them about being their own person? Powerful and solid in their own voice and view. Needing nobody or nothing to define them. How do we foster and support the uniqueness of our young girls in a culture where sexual female models are pumped out like chocolates on a conveyor belt?

WE become the teachers—we the parents, the friends, the families, the coaches, the teachers, the creatives. We become the example. We share our lives, our experiences, our thinking, our dreams, our choices our perceptions.

Women especially–it’s been a hard battle to get where we are now. It didn’t just happen. Women fought for the rights we enjoy today in the workplace, in sports, in media. We fought for the jobs, the pay, the gym time, the respect, the scholarships, the teams….and it hasn’t been that long….and we are still not there.

—-More Ellen Page please for these kids.—–

And now a bit on the politics of feminism. Sorry, I can’t stop myself.

Anyone really watching this democratic nomination campaign can attest to the fact woman have a long way to go. We can see how deeply seeded resentment is on so many levels from BOTH men and women and we are not even talking about it. There remains a double standard and woman still have to work four times as hard to get to the same place. Anyone who still doubts Hillary’s ability to run a country is not paying attention to this race. Her stamina and focus has been outstanding. Becoming the world leader would be a piece of cake after this race. And shame on any women who so quickly dismiss her. She is you. Think for yourself don’t let the media frenzy do it for you. Remember–it sells papers and advertising. The media creates the wave then profits from it. What are YOU really for? What is it going to take to get us out of this mess we are in? A whole thinker, a feeler, a negotiator, and experienced statesperson.

Take a stand….we are the world we are creating.


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