Learning To Trust Divine Guidance


Anyone who has asked for divine guidance knows that it can be a challenge to trust it when it comes….and it comes in all forms and it is sometimes hard to recognize it. We don’t trust our thoughts, our feelings, dreams, or our intuitions to be the carriers of divine wisdom. When something happens or someone we come across says something or does something… that is actually the form in which the guidance has come into our world. Pay attention! The universe is always providing answers for us one way or another. Sometimes it doesn’t fit our pictures but it is actually the best thing for our growth and development. Trust the process…it is the source of wisdom. The world unfolds as we are not as it is. The ability to sort all this out comes with trial and error, and the best way to learn to recognize divine guidance is to engage in the process of asking, receiving and trusting. Often when we ask for guidance, we already have a sense of what we want to hear. Allowing guidance can be difficult, because we don’t want to hear anything that appears to be in opposition to our desire…our picture of how it should be. Have an open mind. It helps to acknowledge what we want, and then to symbolically set it aside, making room for whatever wisdom comes through to us…or to put it another way…get out of our own way.

Journal, talk, cook, play, work, shop, create art, allow the flow of life unfolding for your benefit.

(Reworded and rewritten from today’s Daily OM )


4 thoughts on “Learning To Trust Divine Guidance

  1. Thank you Nena. And thank you for taking the time to read it and share your thoughts. Feel free to participate in the conversation. I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts! -Kate

  2. Thanks for the post and the topic!

    We often get Divine guidance whether was ask for it or not. It seems to me that the guidance works to push us towards a more spiritual life, until we surrender and begin to follow the guidance. Once on our unique spiritual path the journey is not always as obvious, especially to an observer.

    It is interesting the many ways that Divine guidance can come. Someone can say something, an event can gently push us in a new direction, a serendipitous accident or misunderstanding, such as stumbling into this web site,for me, or that inner knowledge, sometimes referred to as the “still small voice”.

  3. Thank you Judy for this. Yes! Well said!

    Divine guidance is all there is. If we get out of our own way, drop our pictures on how it should look, and walk on, we’d be amazed and what we see! Since I AM divine, I consciously am, divine guidance may not “push” us toward a more spiritual life because it is happening whether we are aware of it or not.

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