Eleanor Roosevelt and her low-heeled shoes

As many of you know, Eleanor Roosevelt was the head of the UN Committee that
drafted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Creating it was an
amazing task that required determination and relational skills that few
people possess. Eleanor Roosevelt¹s niece, aptly named Eleanor Roosevelt II,

“On the day in December when the commission finally finished its work
and voted the declaration ready to be brought before the General
Assembly, Aunt Eleanor gave a small reception for her colleagues at the
Palais des Nations in Geneva. She wrote me that after all the guests
had left and she was walking through the empty halls with her advisors,
she came up with a better way to celebrate than a glass of champagne
at a party. The marble floors were polished to the shine of black ice .
My Aunt’s feet were long and narrow, and her low-heeled shoes had
leather soles. She ran, gathering momentum, and then slid down the
hall, her arms outstretched in triumph. It was so much fun that she did
it again.”

–from “With Love, Aunt Eleanor” by Eleanor Roosevelt II

Never underestimate the power of a woman.



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