The Purpose of Spiritual Experience


Ideally, our orientation to life should change as a result of deep spiritual experience. Whenever we transcend the fears and desires of the individual and collective ego, we discover a completely different perspective on what it means to be a human being—a perspective that transcends the ego’s narrow, limited, personal world. And that is really what is so important about the discovery of higher and deeper states of consciousness. Once we have tasted higher states, and are convinced that they’re real, sooner or later a point has to come when we realize that now our spiritual practice is no longer merely about trying to have more spiritual experiences; it is about acting upon what has been revealed to us in the experiences we have already had. That is when our own awakening becomes the limitless foundation that empowers us to take responsibility for creating the future—which is the whole point of evolutionary enlightenment.
Andrew Cohen


7 thoughts on “The Purpose of Spiritual Experience

  1. have you seen The Darjeeling Limited? Besides being like my second favorite movie of 2007, it really hits home because is so direct about making fun of purposeful spiritual experiences, that actually turns out that the little moments are sacred and meaningful.

  2. awesome! I had no idea that’s what it’s about. I’ll definately see it this weekend (hoping it’s on DVD by now). Thanks for the heads up. There are so many good movies that have that message. I love Harold and Maude. Being There.

  3. Andrew Cohen is one of profound writers of our times. its so true that if we look back at our lives and try and remember few moments which touched our heart then those moments must have spiritual quality to it.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. ….ah yes Suresh….and I’d add….we need to pass along those moments to others. Acknowledge the simple things in life with others. this is how we learn–from each other. We open the eyes and hearts around us by setting an example. Sharing the wonderment of life in the small things. This is God, good, spirit, the divine, source, soul, Truth, infinitiy, all that is. Infinite Mind, infinately manifesting.

  5. yes museditions—good point! practice is just a tool….
    For me the practice keeps the pot at a steady boil….keeps me present. You never arrive because you are always there. There is nowhere to get to, there is only Being and the realization that you are already there.

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