Don’t spoil the ending, that’s cold

Burst of inspiration this week as the sleeping giant inside of me rears it’s head and kicks me in the ass. Need to get to the studio get get some of it out on the table and allow it to dance.

Having said that, I didn’t leave the house this weekend. Enjoying the warmth against the -5 degree spanking I would have endured stepping out. Not counting wind chill of course. Wind chill is like subtracting 2 hours for California time. A much needed winter factor for surviving upper midwest winters. Not that I’m opposed to the frigid temps or fearful, I just needed to bask in the womb of home.


I finished the novel “Loving Frank” by Nancy Horan this weekend. Poured through the entire book in 4 days. Read it! It’s wonderfully written dialogue keeps an amazing pace that keeps my interest and teaching me some history. Growing up in Chicago a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright and his Oak Park creations, a vivid picture was painted of what life might have been like for him (and the people in his life) and his world in the late 1800’s early 1900’s. Great read! Kudos Nancy Horan! Well done! I’m a memoir/history junkie. She not only painted a picture, there were plenty of thoughful, profound lessons and insights for the reader to be gleaned from it. If you don’t know the historical story of Mamah Cheney and Frank Lloyd Wright don’t read the news archives or reviews of the book that may spoil the ending! The excitement of what may happen is part of the pace of the book. Wow! What a ride!

I watched the ENTIRE last season of Weeds followed by last seasons Dexter. Thank you Comcast Showtime on Demand. I just discovered it and I’m now addicted. It’s the best thing since…well I don’t eat much sliced bread anymore….

More importantly, I didn’t have to watch all this political crap spun like a bad movie by the desperate media, all weekend. Hillary still has my vote. Go Hillary. Life is good.


10 thoughts on “Don’t spoil the ending, that’s cold

  1. did you see her? I’ve followed her political history for quite a while and it’s not what the media spins…..she’s been consistent on her causes thoughout her career–health care and education… and is a statesperson. Charisma is good but can’t change the stalemate our political system has become. Best to look at the record. Obama will be good…he’s just not ready yet. AND we get Bill—who better to bring the world back on the same side…or begin the process. Just my two cents : )

  2. hehe yeah honestly I’m on the fence, going one debate to another. I didn’t see her because I was writing a paper…3600 people turned up but only 1200 were let in…it was craziness apparently!

  3. 3600 people wow! so much for apathy in our political system. yay…that’s awesome! maybe there is hope for us 🙂

    I saw “Let There BE Blood” last night. Good movie…long, but good. Makes me want to read the Upton Sinclair book. Sure proves the “the more things change the more they stay the same” saying. His books all have the projection element of greed, religion, wealth and power. Been traveling alot over the last decade, noticing, especially in small towns (especially Colorado recently) how much religion plays in anchoring neighborhoods. Creating that tribal community so necessary to human beings. I should probably post on this. Did you see the movie?

  4. Did I see it?? Yes! I still have yet to see the diving bell and the butterfly and No Country, But TWBB is my number one of 2007 when it comes to a cinematic experience, followed by the darjeeling limited for a personal connection….There will be blood was striking and will go down in history…i did not look at my watch once and was widemouthed during and long thereafter.

  5. It’s one of those creeper movies…I keep thinking about it and more and more brillance reveals. It keeps giving! Love it! Daniel day Lewis knows how to pick ’em. I heard if he didn’t take te part, they weren’t going too do the movie. I can’t imagine anyone else playing that part. Can you? No Country is awesome…go see it while it’s on the big screen!

  6. Yea, I kept on thinking about it and it made be speechless. Daniel Day Lewis and Paul Danno were brilliant. I am waiting for No Country to come to my campus in a few weeks and then I will see it on the big screen. I’m glad that I got to see Into the Wild tonight also at my school on the big screen 🙂

  7. Thanks for the introduction to this book! I’m a fan of Wright design. Just north of San Francisco, there is one of his buildings, The Marin County Civic Center. Each year in a local newspaper poll, it wins in two categories consistently: The Most Beautiful Building in the county, and The Ugliest Building! I can see why when I look at it.
    I saw a wonderful play about Wright and Ayn Rand–I don’t remember the name at the moment, but I’m a player for the book you’ve blogged!

  8. Museditions–is this the building that looks like a library or govt bldg next to the fair grounds? I think I saw it and it grabbed my attention! I was there for the Marin County Fair to see Joan Jett.

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