Something about context

I posted my “Allow It” post this am. After posting I realized how it sounds like I am talking about the “death and dying” post I posted before it days ago….and how the Allow It post reads like it’s related to the death, following on with that thinking, that experience…which it may be for some people…and may be for me on some level, in an “it’s all one happening kinda way”, but I was not intentionally adding on to the death post. My comment on allowing it simply applies to….well…ALL of life. day to day living.

The beauty of practicing metaphysics (and it is a practice) is that you truly do move thru things fast. Like a kid who almost forgets why they were crying moments before, they move on to the next thing of interest and growth for them. It doesn’t mean you feel in the moment all the grief and anger or frustration of the moment. You do. You just allow it and move on.

Then I started thinking how much we listen, connect and get meaning out of what is surrounding us. We are dependent on it, as we depend on sentences to form communication. We define by context. It part of the human meaning making machines we are. Our brains are like blazing computers, pulling data from the seen, heard and felt, mixing it with the past experiences and future expectations and wala, think for a millasecond—we have a meaning. Almost always not fact, or truth, but meaning none-the-less.

As a communicator, I need to be more responsible about context. More aware of how I arrange words and paragraphs and share my thoughts. Aware as I am about how I arrange my design or art. At the same time, allowing the free thinker to have room to take from it what they will….dance with it, try it on, move it, change it, and make it their own. After all, by the time it hits the “paper” it is no longer mine anyway.  A creative thought belongs to the universe.  I learn so much from what people share….it’s why I created a blog. I certainly have no answers but I have a helluvalot of questions……and observations. To me, the insights of others is the richness of life. I love to see life thru the eyes and ears of others. It is the allure of art, and film and music and books. But the minute we read, we listen, we see…it becomes ours as only we can see what we see, in the seeing. What do YOU see?


4 thoughts on “Something about context

  1. i heard once that flies have the memory of like three seconds. i used to think this was a horrible notion. but if humans had this limited memory, perhaps there would be more sacredness to living and observing and sharing.

  2. Love it! Ah ha! That answers why they keep landing on the same spot after you swat them over and over again! We do that to don’t we? Making the same “mistakes” over and over again, expecting different results.

    Americans have the attention span of 3 seconds but unfortunately it doesn’t help us live more aware of how we are all connected. We want more and more and more, wondering why we still feel empty. Sacredness to living and observing and sharing….that’s the richness of life. The gift of being human isn’t it? Thanks for the post Lisa!

  3. What you said here reminds me I taste words, chew on them, smell them even. How they look on the page is important, but not quite as much as what they say.
    I do appreciate what you said about metaphysicians moving through things quicker. We tend not to take things so…personally.

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