On Death and Dying

I was told but someone a story of his father’s death. He said as his end was near,
“nobody gets out of life alive” as he invited people to drop by and
join him in his “wake” to celebrate his life. After all, he didn’t
want us to “have all of the fun without him!” 😉

Who we are is given by the network of conversations we are a part of…we are the world we speak and that world is given to those we speak it to every time we open our mouths.

I had a friend die this week. Like any death I experience I inventory what that friend has contributed to me, to his family, his friends, the people he meets walking in and out of the building, in line at the post office or market. The people he never knew he made a difference with with his smile or quick wit. The people he changed in an instant, if even for an instant.

His flesh may have passed from this earth but his spirit will live on indefinitely in our network of conversations….in our ways of being. In the wit we pass along, in the possibility we speak for.

Consider that this is where spirit exists. Who people are and what they stand for remains alive and real in our dialogue. We make an impact, good or bad, every moment, with every thought, with every action. We leave a footprint, a shadow. This is the best gift we can give on another in this short life. Think carefully, act consciously…be present in your lives. There are others out there listening, absorbing, reflecting. You never know who and when you make a difference with someone.

I’ll miss you Maynard. It was quite a ride. I am better for having known you.


2 thoughts on “On Death and Dying

  1. dear friend,
    your writing is beautiful.
    i know i mentioned my sympathy.
    you might not have been ready to talk, or life happened to divert our conversation.
    either way, i send you my love.
    and would like to point out how poignant and wise you always are, even in the face of loss.

  2. Oh…what a lovely surprise to hear your voice here…made my day! Thanks for the heart felt thoughts and love. It is definately felt over here. Love to hear you participate. Keep it up.

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