More on Diablo Cody: Juno

Go see this movie. What’s not to love about Diablo Cody. So nice to see she’s as smart as I suspected after seeing Juno. I can’t wait to see more from this bright light. Rock on Diablo Cody! You deserve every drop of goodness. Here’s some links to a couple interviews.

One in the Star Tribune. And a really AWESOME interview in Minneapolis’ City Pages.


photo by Nick Vicek: City Pages


2 thoughts on “More on Diablo Cody: Juno

  1. Yes, I have been discovering lately the brilliance that is Diablo Cody. it’s amazing that this film is putting the writer rightside the director, especially in the light of the strikes.

    If you want another brilliant string woman artist to follow in this same kinda field, go for Miranda July (Me and you and everyone we know). I’m gonna start reading her collection of short stories, “No one belongs here more than you.” You can check out my blog for some really interesting things and links about her!

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