Go see JUNO in theatres now


Walked in a snowstorm yesterday to see this movie—and I do it again in a heartbeat. Smart script, fantastic acting. and the intro graphics are amazing. Pay the ticket price and vote for more of these smart movies to be made. Strong and smart female characters (in the lead! yay…about time), honest male characters. Ellen Page and Michael Cera give an amazing. I loved Michael Cera in “Arrested Developement” (I’m still pissed it’s gone) and am so happy to be seeing so much of him. We’ll be seeing alot of Ellen Page too no doubt, she gives a powerful performance. Kudos to the writer. The characters we’re unique, deep, smart and interesting. Didn’t want it to end. How refereshing. Take time this Christmas break and give your money to your local independent theatre and see it on the big screen. Kudos to Juno! Please–make more of these…..


One thought on “Go see JUNO in theatres now

  1. Diablo Cody is the writer.

    Diablo Cody is originally from Chicago, Illinois and moved to Minnesota to live with her Internet boyfriend, Jonny (now her husband). While there she decided, on a whim, to take up stripping as a “hobby” of sorts. Meanwhile she was working in an ad agency and was not particularly fond of her job. Within a year she got a promotion at the ad agency which wore her ragged, and was something she did not particularly care for (it demanded organization, which is something she was not very good at). Eventually she quit her day job (with Jonny’s blessings) and began stripping full time. During the course of about a year she went from “Amateur Night” (which was her first stripping experience) to a place she refers to in her book as Sheiks, then to Deja Vu, and so on. She then took up work as a phone sex operator before returning to stripping. Shortly thereafter she decided to quit stripping and she and Jonny married. They moved to what she refers to as “the ‘burbs, and no one strips unless they’re taking a bubble bath”. Her step-daughter was the flower girl in the wedding and according to Diablo they are very happy.

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