The Glass Castle, Jeannette Walls


I just finished reading this book. A must and fast, easy read. Here’s a copy of a post I did today on a blog written by CINDY BOKMA that offered a wonderful interview of the author Jeannette Walls, The Glass Castle.

scroll down on Cindy’s blog–to Thursday, October 27, 2005

“Cindy–What a wonderfully written interview. Thank you! I spent all day today finishing the book I was a third into when I got up this a.m. It’s a fantastic book…I felt all the emotions and couldn’t put it down until I saw the outcome. Mostly wanted to shake her parents, having grown up in an alcoholic home myself. What I came away with was the realization that our parents were doing the best THEY knew how to do. I believe we choose our parents for whatever reasons in this lifetime. We see, learn grow even from what we don’t understand.

Mostly, what your interview left me with was great respect for her—I sensed an authenticity and humbleness that made me sure he story was true. (there were point where I thought this can’t possibly be true). Thank you for providing that. Well done!”

The book, heavy and times but paced to have me devour it for some resolution (which I sense was coming). I thought it was a thoughtful glimpse into a world that offered more that meets the eye. Anyone having gone through childhood challenges, that gained insight though their grown up eyes, will appreciate this book. People who haven’t faced even remotely similiar challenges growing up, will also benefit from the insights offered from this book. Any story shared that has us look at what people have experienced and overcome in their lives, and have us treat one another better because of that, is profoundly valuable. There were points in the book I thought to myself “this can’t possibly be true” but after reading her interview, I think maybe it is. People are capable of unbelieveable things in the principal of paradox. Go ahead…pick it up.


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