Well Hello Dalai


“It is critical to serve others, to contribute actively to others’ well-being. I often tell practitioners that they should adopt the following principle: regarding one’s own personal needs, there should be as little involvement or obligation as possible. But regarding service to others, there should be as many possible involvements and obligations as possible. This should be the ideal of a spiritual person.”

His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Does this extend to shoe buying? Cuz I love my shoes….


2 thoughts on “Well Hello Dalai

  1. my first thought?

    hold the GD door open for the person behind you – don’t let it slam in their face.

    i’m surprised i didn’t see this until now – AFTER we just had this conversation tonight.

    either way – good post.

    what did you say earlier today? something like every action affects the world around us, no matter how insignificant. beautyful.

  2. excellent pip! thanks for the response….it really is so very easy for us to do…in traffic, on the phone, in the street, resteraunts, stores…endless opportunities to see the face of SOURCE

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