“Timothy; or, Notes of an Abject Reptile” by Verlyn Klinkenborg


I’ve just finished a book called “Timothy; or, Notes of an Abject Reptile” by Verlyn Klinkenborg.

I’d like to share my favorite paragraph that is profoundly resonating, from the book. It is the story written from a tortoises point of view. The end of the book Timothy plans an escape from the obsessively manicured symetrical English garden she has been living in for many years, far from her original home on the ocean, where she was taken from some 50 years prior. She lives with a preacher in England, an avid gardener and meticulous and obsessive stat keeper.

“I wish to live again in a place that is not a map of the gardener’s mind. Book of nature, as humans love to think of it. But where I wish to live is not a book at all. Not an argument for the being and attributes of an unnecessary god. Not a theorem, hypothesis, or demonstration. Merely itself.”

p.s. a beautiful cover design…kudos! The author’s unique writing style that creates a fresh rhythmic pace if we, with our short attention spans, can stick with it long enough to retrain our brain from what we are used to. it becomes a musical read with moments of profound summaries popping out of the descriptions. It was nice to slow down. Glad I saw it through. Very different….refreshingly light and lyrical. It’s based on a real place altho we will never know what Timothy was really thinking (one can only hope), I enjoyed the perspective.


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