Bag ladys, janitors and gang bangers

“I’ve seen angels wearing disguises of everyday people doing everyday things” Tracy Chapman writes…..Tracey Chapman rights! And I do…….all the time, I do. They are among us, everyday, everyplace. They are the homeless woman buying my old shoes and a paperback book by Kurt Vonnegut at my garage sale in Dallas decades ago. They are the janitor at my Chicago grade school that remained mostly invisible to the kids and teachers until he had to shake powder on vomit and sweep it off the shiny tile floor. The same guy that collected discarded crayons at night to give to kids who could’nt afford the luxury of wax color and paper. They are the young woman working the drive up window at a late night fast food joint in Central Florida who takes our two dollars in pennies, nickels and dimes scraped together to enjoy two burgers at a time when that might as well been two hundred dollars to us, only to find as we opened the bag, she had added 4 extra burgers and said so with a smile as we pulled away. I’ve seen the teen gang banger in a subway in Chicago pass a sitting homeless woman crazily banging nonsense on a portable keyboard next to the train tracks, eyeing me as I carefully watched him, soul-to-soul, as he emptied out his pockets into her coffee can, never taking his eyes off of me, behind his gang buddies backs as they walked up the stairs, unknowingly.

Yes I have seen angels dressed as everyday people doing everyday things. I see them everyday. That my friends is love. Pass it on.


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