A Note from the Universe

Couldn’t resist this one….I am sometimes painfully aware of how differently the written word is misconscrued (did I spell that right? Too tired to look it up). I think this is not limited to the written word—conversations are regularly mis-listened…or rather listened from the point-of-view of the listener. What else do we have to listen from? we are meaning-making machines after all. Think of 2 people looking at a painting…or a room of people looking at a painting. Ask each one what the painting means and you will get an array of diverse and sometimes far-reaching answers. This is the beauty of being human….as long as we are not attached to our experience and expression of it. It is so with the written word. we use it to inform, enlighten, educate, etc…..however it is no more the truth than a simple game of telephone (where one persons whispers a sentence into anothers ear and so one, till you get to the end and the statement doesn’t even resemble the original). Fox TV is not true, CNN is not true, reality Tv….nope….Sponge Bob Squarepants? Nope…..History? Hahahahaha….nope. All an interpretation of a memory of what one thought happened or…well…a good game of telephone. So what then/ what do we rely on to guide us though these days? These wars? These economic situations? These weather reports? These history classes? Intuition…common sense… a sense of self and the difference we can make with each other. What are we here for? Why? We are the thinking…the feeling…the reasoning…the creating….the loving and learning. We are human BEINGS. We have a voice, a heart, a soul…..now WHAT are we going to say and WHY are we gonna say it?

“For every word I write, there might be misunderstanding. For every angle I take, a chance that something is missed. And between the days and weeks, for words taken too literally, contradictions will seem to appear.

But I write for the careful student, knowing that others will read the very same words and misunderstand. I write to hold up a light of remembrance for those who choose to remember, knowing there are others who don’t, and that’s just fine by me. There are no losers, no predefined paths, no requirements to understand the mechanics of time and space. Joy remains life’s only inevitable.

But most of all, one, I write because it’s fun.
Besides, email is practically free.” -The Universe

One thought on “A Note from the Universe

  1. I just finished writing a post about similar things, then found you in the tags. “Coincidence”?
    “No requirements to understand the mechanics of time and space.” — What a good reminder. I “see” the universe is speaking through you.

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