Lake City Colorado


The drive is stunning. Cattle dotting the rolling hills and rocky cliffs outlining the bright clear blue sky. Lake City is nestled in the mountains. It began as a mining camp in 1874 after someone found gold in the nearby hills. It is the perfect western town…..I can hear the horses and wagons rolling down the main street. The shot is from the main intersection with a partial view of the, straight-out-of-a-western-movie, bank (it was very strange getting money from the atm just outside the front door-and ’round the corner when the teller window looked exactly as is did in the 1800’s—and still working as a bank, intact. The wood sidewalks are still used. It was a sleepy town when we drove in at dusk. Walked into the only open place in town, Maggy’s and watched the Dallas Cowboys beat NY with the boys at the bar. Loved every minute of it—‘cept the Cowboys winning part. After sizing us up when we walked in, they quicky warmed up to us and we had a blast all night, learned alot about Lake City, bears and the military before walking back to the cabin. [Here’s a brilliant idea–if you don’t want people to steal posters off the wall coat the push pins with vaseline]. Still the simple small town ingenuity that works the best.


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