Durango Colorado


I’m in Durango Colorado for the Artposium.  Established in 1880 (Durango, not the artposium) there’s not much reminents of the cowgirls and boys who once populated it. Elevation is 6,512 feet and they boast 300+ average days of sunshine each year (take that Portland). I’ve been enjoying four of them emensely. The Animas river runs through Durango, packed with trout. It’s all about getting out of town here for me. There are many shops, shoe stores, gift stores and the like….and the tourists to go with them. The drive to Mesa Verde was 45 minutes. That’s the thing to do….

I had a fab meal last night with participants in the artposium at a resteraunt called Seasons of Durango—-AWESOME! The only good meal I had in Durango and better than many of the restraunts I’ve ever eaten at anywhere. I had the halibut and it was one of the best meals I can remember having. I was the last of 15 to finish eating–didn’t want it to end……or was I talking too much? (I really am an introvert till I get going on metaphysics or art).

Today’s the last day of the Artposium then we head back to Gunnison. We’ll pick a route we haven’t traveled and I’ll no doubt have many pictures.


2 thoughts on “Durango Colorado

  1. I’m so jealous you’re touring all around Colorado right now. I love that state, the Rockies, the sunshine, all the mountain towns… Eddy and I just drove cross-country from CT to CA, and loved stopping to visit an old friend in Boulder one of the nights. Fun, fun….

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