Hot Springs and Driving Outside of Durango Colorado


Hot Springs outside of Durango


Driving SW Colorado


Ok…so there aren’t hot anymore. At least this one’s not. (my friend Kim touched it first.) This is just outside of Durango Colorado. I can’t imagine having flown directly into Durango and missing that 4 something hour drive from Gunnison. This section is very different from the north central to south central trip I did in the spring. What a diverse topography. You can see so much in a relatively short amount of time. (Note to self: make time to hike it next time).

Durango is well…..not too exciting–too big, busy and developed…..looks like alot of redone old towns that cater to tourists now. I’ll give my thumb down hotel and motel experiences and thumbs up ones too. Customer experience— Let me just say Comfort Inn and Ramada Limited on the main road into town rocked to help us find a place……Adobe Inn and Days End on the Main street were horrible.  Adobe Inn in Durango Colorado (under cheap hotels in Durango) was especially maddening and rude. After waiting in line an hour at Days End, we were told there were no rooms avail. by the one guy who was working. Ya think he could have told us that an hour before but it was hard enough for him to work the computer. It took him an just short of an hour to check in the 2 guys ahead of us—I’m not kidding! I don’t doubt he was doing the best he could overwhelmed. We we bouncing down the strip, one bad hotel after another. Adobe Inn in Durango Colorado was especially rude and unprofessional. The clerk’s sarcasm was uncalled for. Comfort Inn, Durango was full but the woman behind the desk called other hotels for us to find us 2 rooms. Not THAT my friend is service. I’m sorry I didn’t get her name to thank her (her name was unique and started with an A)….so here we are comfortably checked in the Ramada Limited—in rooms way to big ($85./night) but safe, clean and rested. [Note to self—make reservations ahead of the trip].

Today is thrift shop stop (where I don’t stop rocking to the bang bang boogie….) and off to Mesa Verde. Did I mention I love having the opportunity to wear my cowboy boots legitamately? Drink water today—-my lips are shriveling up. Breath deep and take in the perfect design the universe created for me to take in gratefully today.


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