On Being Spiritual

I came across this posting by Namit Arora I thought worth sharing. I’ll post an excerpt, but it’s an interesting read. Here’s a taste:

“Spirituality is cool these days. Its warm and fuzzy aura now appeals to more and more people in the West. Online dating sites abound with claims of being “spiritual but not religious”. Interest in eastern beliefs and native Indian practices has never been higher. Many now instinctively accord a sense of “spiritual wisdom” to ancient traditions.  Self-help aisles in bookstores keep growing and routinely address a “spiritual void” many perceive in their lives.


Yet most people interested in spirituality, when asked, would be hard pressed to come up with what it means to be spiritual. Many would equate it with less or more progressive versions of their traditional faith, incorporating a subset of its ideas, symbols, and rituals; some might define it as a syncretic mix of multiple faiths; others may think of it as a non-denominational mystical feeling and reverence for a force larger than themselves, such as nature.”

Check out the entire article.


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