Summer of fun 2007 uniform


1. B Girls t-shirt or another t-shirt comfortably square. Preferably clean. Black a plus in urban areas. T-shirt blue jean shpants combination says “I’m approachable” and “don’t mess with me” all at the same time.

2. Peddle pushers or shpants (short pants). Lots of pockets. Good from breakfast, lunch, sporting, on to dining.* Shpants are good to hide that “I have no junk in the trunk” by directing the eye to just below the knee.

3. Shoes that are canvas, minus laces for easy in and out. No socks. A bit on the preppy side, it will keep people guessing. Rubber bottoms good cross use for biking and standing in line for ice cream on the road. Surprisingly they have managed to remain odor free this summer. Neutral color and style makes for versatility.


4. The floppy hat. Cubs of course. Very practical for shading the face as well as hiding the week long bed head. The Cubs bright blue so loudly doesn’t go with anything, that it looks like you don’t match on purpose. Cubs blue is the new pink?

Directions: Repeat daily.

Note: Comes with bike. 1970, 3-speed, J.C. Penny issued with 100% fake leather carrying pack attached to the seat back. Brakes must squeek and make you more than a bit nervous as you approach a red light at a busy street downhill rather fast with the wind behind you. Best when used with a cheap cable bike lock that let’s people know “if you really want this bike I can’t stop you but I’m from your hood so don’t”. Also comes with dark no-one-knows-where-you’re-looking sunglasses.

*Bruises, bug bites and scratches on the legs a sign of a well used summer.


3 thoughts on “Summer of fun 2007 uniform

  1. holy sh** i freaking LOVE this post!

    what’s with the decapitating photo? hahaha is that also a requirement? šŸ™‚

    you forgot one thing about summer of fun tour- “starring me.”

  2. This is great! Only one question: what if you DO have “junk in the trunk?” šŸ™‚


    In the office, planning my summer of fun uniform!

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